My wife's cousin Ben Marlowe is an artist and graphic designer.  I guess.  He does a lot of things.  Music videos.  Animation.  He has skillz to pay the bills, as the kids say.  Do the kids still say that?  Anyway, Ben is a creative force and way back before I had a publisher for THE DURATION I was thinking of going the guerilla route and asked Ben to design some covers for me.  My vision was of a small town with a rhino horn sort of erupting into its midst through the layers of the past, like a "the past won't stay buried" sort of vibe.  I sent Ben a pencil sketch and he turned out nearly two dozen drafts, all of which were great.  When I hooked up with Tyrus, they wound up going a slightly different direction with the cover, which is fine.  I love the current cover.  But I love Ben's covers too.  Here are a few.