Blurb God

I had to ask a bunch of people for 'blurbs' for THE DURATION.  It's a shitty task but not as shitty as providing the blurb.  People are busy and have their own stuff to do and they might not even like the book, but they feel compelled by friendship or good manners to give you something that is short, sweet and laudatory.  Sometimes, as in my case, the writing in the blurbs is a lot better than the writing in the book itself.

One of my asks was the writer and Submittable head honcho Michael FitzGerald.  I met Mike once at Jim Ruland's Vermin on the Mount reading series back in the old days when it was held at the Mountain Bar on Gin Ling Way in LA's Chinatown. Mike wrote RADIANT DAYS, a novel about an expat cohort in Budapest in the 90s.  It's a gorgeous and mesmerizing book, written in a way that makes it super-accessible while also just radiating intelligence.  Mike's a sharp dude.  I don't think he's been writing a ton lately because he's been inventing and running a giant data management platform that is making him rich, probably, and it was in the middle of this running that I asked him for a blurb.

Because he's a good guy, he didn't say no.  Because he's busy, he got to it a bit late. But he sent in a selection and I love them so much I'm going to put them below.  It's nice to have acquaintances like these.

"Prior to David Fromm’s The Duration Western Massachusetts was almost exclusively known for its brilliant foliage. That is about to change.”
“A brilliant, hilarious, and furiously-paced examination of the friendships of our youth being trampled by the banal and corrupt rhinoceros of adult life. Like childhood friendships and drug addiction, this book will stick with you. ”
“Western Massachusetts never felt more like Narnia as seaweed wraps, software geniuses, drug addiction, rhinoceroses and Bollywood celebrities come together to solve a decades’ old mystery and try to save a friend from himself.”
“In Fromm’s brilliant comic mystery, The Duration, we experience the heartbreak and exhilaration of true friendship.”